MLB Power Pros 2008
Hey guys i am new to the forum and any help running the game would be much appreciated.

As soon as the game starts up the intro video doesnt show (although the audio of the video runs fine), however this is not an issue as i can skip all videos.

My issue is that any match i play ends never goes longer than 2 innings as the emulator always crashes. As i am playing i notice that the EE% reaches the high 90's and could be the cause of my problem.

Is there any way i could reduce the strain on my cpu (assuming this is the problem)?

-Using latest version of PCSX2 (PCSX2 1.0.0)
-I tried running the game using my disc copy and iso file. Both had the same results
-Tried default settings and also tried fooling around with the settings using other posts as guides but i am not completely sure what i am doing

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i don't think the game is compatible with pcsx2 so it is crashing

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