MMX Command Mission issues
I'd like to ask someone to help me on making the best possible configuration for PCSX2 to play MMX Command Mission.

The computer:
- XP Professional as OS
- Intel Celeron CPU 2.66 GHz
- 512 MB (2.73 GHz) RAM
- ATI RADEON 9550 video card(s)
- Realtek AC'97 Audio system
- I have DirectX9

The issues:
1. Triangles on characters ( cannot use Multi VU1/0rec!)
2. Pixel problems (the background, etc. has missing pixels)
3. None of the sound plugins work well for me (the best was ZeroSPU2)

Help, please? Biggrin

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What revision are you using? I could complete the game glitch free (except for the graphic issue of not showing outlines at all) with 0.9.6.

I think you had to put clamping mode at none.
I'm using the newest version (0.9.6). I'll try to switch both clamps to 'None'

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