Anyways, i got the start of console to work (you know, where the scene says SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT but after it, igoes white than says stopped working. I opened it 10 times more and it still like that. It'll be grateful if someone helped me. I had a load of probs with the program, so is why i need help

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first make sure you have DirectX updated, and next don't use run->execute, do File->Run CD/DVD Smile
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
I do have direct X updated to the lastest. And itsstill does it even when i do Run CD/DVD!
What game are trying to play?

Whats your configuration settings?

What is your system specs?
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It happens to all games!!!!
my ps2 tool says its okay to every game. My CPU can only support sse2 so i use that
Be sure to use the configuration guide and make sure your CD/DVD plugin is configured correctly.
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