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Hello All, New to the forum and wanted to add a contribution for those who are looking for some cheats with MS Saga

I've attached a CE (Cheat Engine File) which i've broken down a lot of what I think would be interesting in modifying.
I'm not up to par yet on creating pnatch codes yet so if someone would like to take what i've done and do that by all
means GL to you if you get to it before I do.

I've been able to get everything working so far without any complications. I'm running SLUS_212.70 though i'm sure some if not all may work with other versions. I do recommend making a backup copy of your save before enabling any of the cheats or atleast if your starting fresh get to the first save and make a duplicate so you can skip the begining if you run into trouble.

Few Side Notes:
If you do use the CE make sure to not lock the slots for any of the modifiers or item slots. Due to a weird way the game handles its sorting feature it's likely you'll crash or break the game. 
If you set your item to the amount you'd like to have then take the identifier number from that item and plug it into an item slot it'll unlock that slot for use in sorting without causing complications.

By the way, you can lock the item amounts without any issues i just recommend being careful when adding key items.
i only added 100 item slots if that becomes an issue you can overwrite weapon slots. Once a weapon has been added to your inventory the game doesn't do a proper check to see if it left your inventory so the weapon will still be available in the equip screen.

EX: i give myself 10 beam sabers, then change that slot to 50 Wing Gundam data, I can still go into the equip screen and have 10 beam sabers available.

Any feedback/advice is appreciated.

Edit: Was an issue with some of the identifier labels which are now corrected.

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.7z   MS Saga.7z (Size: 19,96 KB / Downloads: 2.142)

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I found this, don't know if it works:

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.7z   ms_saga_125.7z (Size: 20,67 KB / Downloads: 1.901)
Just a little warning along with the sorting...DO NOT give yourself 99 of something,you will not be able to unequip almost anything and do not give yourself more than 10EP(that game don't like that)
(04-20-2019, 05:30 PM)vsub Wrote: Just a little warning along with the sorting...DO NOT give yourself 99 of something,you will not be able to unequip almost anything and do not give yourself more than 10EP(that game don't like that)

Thanks for that i forgot to mention those. I did put a note on the EN that max was 10 or to set to 10 for infinite. but i forgot to mention that in my post.

A hint for infinite items would be to set it to 95 then lock the value so it can't change this way you can still open chests and stuff without getting the message inventory full.

Also if your like me and want some cheating just not completely breaking it, you can lock the item values then click next to the box to get the green ^ arrow next to it. This will prevent the item from going lower than the amount that you have IE: if you have 55 wing gundam data and you use some to make wing gundam but find more data throughout the game the value will keep increasing but never decrease.
This also works if you have 0 of an item and will later pick it up. Locking all items then setting the green ^ arrow will insure you never run out of those particular items. Just be careful like vsub said 99 of an item can cause complications.
(04-20-2019, 04:44 PM)dhillel Wrote: I found this, don't know if it works:

Thanks Dhillel

I took a look at that file and definitely looks like someone did find a lot of the information however i'd say mine is a bit more complete and includes a lot more information that's missing in that one. Kudos to whoever made that one wish I would have found that one i wouldn't have had to start from scratch.
When I put cheats in a game,I add as much codes to still make the game enjoyable.
The moment I add cheats of the "Have all" or "max stats",I really quickly loose interest in the game no matter how much I liked it before that so I keep cheating to a minimum.

And on some games I usually add certain things and create a save at the first possible location so if I want a "new game+" on a game with no "new game+",I can use that save

PS.This game have some really nice songs which I have listen to many hours

Also there are some(2 or 3)story locations in that game that the game is reverting some of the cheats so I have to re-enable some of them
The cheats are not working on pcsx2 1.7 but work on 1.6 and 1.5.
Many thanks for creating and sharing the cheats and notes.

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