MTGS (Multi Threading) turning itself off.
I wasn't so sure where I should post this as
after reading the guidelines for Bug Report forum
it didn't seem to quite meet the criteria.

I am not 100% sure what caused it, but this has
never occurred before using pcsx2pg-vtlb-658.exe.
Another possible way it could have caused the problem
is playing an NTSC game using a PAL bios.

I know these 2 don't seem to have any relevance to
MTGS suddenly not working but those 2 things are the
only things I've recently messed around with.

Allow me to explain the problem in detail. First obvious
sign was a catastrophic drop in the framerate, more or less
a 50% drop. When I saw the status bar I could tell
the CPU usage was stuck @ 25%, which meant multi-threading wasn't
working as I own an Intel i7 Quad.

This led me to go to the CPU option in PCSX2 and I was
surprised to find that the MTGS was checked.

I solved the problem by unchecking the MTGS, restarting PCSX2,
checking MTGS again, and restarting PCSX2. After that when I
turned the frame limiter off in-game the CPU usage went up to 50%.

Maybe someone else had the same problem? as you can see it is
by no means a critical problem as fixing it as easy as restarting the PCSX2
but thought I might mention it as someone out there may be using
PCSX2 without utilizing their second core and is unhappy about the speed.

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Interesting, Ive had the same problem. But I don't think its because you're using a pal bios to play an ntsc game, it really doesn't make a difference as long as you don't use the original PlayStation 2 bios, and by original I mean the very 1st one that ever came out.
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Quote:i7 Quad
Well. Don't you aware that you processor have 4+4 cores? 4 real and 4 hyperthreaded? You should ignore 25%, because windows percentile are out of sence. Even on core quad 25% have only meaning: more than 1 core loaded, and at you case it could have a lot of meanings. You should observe cores more precisely.

Chances are your FPS drop is actually caused by SpeedStep. Make sure you have SpeedStep disabled as it's pretty evil stuff and throttles CPUs down way too often. In all MTGS usually only yields a 25-40% speed increase, depending on the game. Very very few games yield a true 50% increase (if any). Speedstep on the other hand will slice your CPU speed in half at the snap of a finger.

As for CPU percentages, Zeyzlitz has correctly pointed out that your i7 could in fact have 8 concurrent threads by Windows count, which would be 12.5% for a single core at 100% or 25% for dual cores at 100%.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Errr, please don't post topics with ALL CAPS TITLES....

Also, don't post threads with such an alarming titles when you're not sure if it's a bug or not...
Well to be perfectly fair the titles we're not
all caps Ohmy but yeah I edited it out anyway.

I always turn SpeedStep technology off from
CMOS when I mess around with overclocking
and when I checked, yes it was turned off.

The task manager also suggests that the process(PCSX)
is capped @ 25% CPU when the bug occurs I'm not sure
if this changes anything Wacko.

(Also when I enter my task manager I only see graphs
for 4 CPUs instead of, like you suggested, 8)

Perhaps it's the games that I play but turning
MTGS on almost always grants me a 100% speed
increase. (Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII, Kingdom Hearts, so on)
Vista? XP? 32 bit or 64bit? Do you have your OS updated? That processor that you have is pretty new and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a software thing. Get a program like CPUID to give you clues as to what's happening to your processor; it'll let you know if speedstep is working and if it's downclocking your processor. Try prime95 if you want to stress your setup, maybe that'll point to something. Other than that, I'm stuck in the dual core era where everything works >Smile lol.

PS. I'm going to assume you have XP? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure vista handles multi core processors a lot better than XP does/did.

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