MTGS Pcsx2 Playground 1.0.0395 VM

Whenever I check the MTGS box most of the time when I click Run CD the program crashes with a Win32 Unhandled Exception, if I restart pcsx2 and keep clicking on RunCD for about 5- 6 times it eventually starts the game but if I press escape to pause the program and then click back on Execute to resume the program gives that annoying error again. If I uncheck the mtgs box I get no problem at all. The thing is in prior version of PCSX 2 0.9.5 SVN 377 I didn't get any problems running in MTGS mode.

My build:
Asus Rampage Formula mobo
Intel C2D E8400@3ghz
2gb DDR2 ram
Asus 8600GT@256mb vram

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Hmm I just compiled the latest svn (i believe is 485) of pcsx2 playground, now it doesn't crash when I click run cd anymore with mtgs on but it still does when I pause then click on execute. Also I got an assertion error while trying to play persona 4 an error that I didn't get in either Pcsx2 playground svn 395 or pcsx2 svn 377 both on VM.

The error is:

Assertion failed!

Program: ...
File: ..\..\GS.cpp
Line: 1238

Expression: path.tag.flg != GIF_FLG_IMAGE
If you get assertion errors, that means you compiled the debug build - you have to change the build configuration to the release build.
Yeah thanks I was building the debug vm version, looked in the configuration manager and switched to release vm nondev. Anyone know why persona 4 doesn't save properly, I mean when I try to save it gives an error that there is no memory card in slot one, then I try again and it saves but it still gives the error then when I try to load it gives corrupted data error?
Moved to general forumas it's not a real bug report XD

As said, latest revisions work better with mtgs
Still get win32 unhandled exceptions using mtgs though, don't know what you did with mtgs programming but now it crashes alot but when I do manage to make it play it gives a 20fps boost.

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