MTGS and Final Fantasy X-2
Well, this will be simple. If I'm using MTGS from CPU options I have missing ground geometry/textures on Final Fantasy X-2 and while it's playable, it isn't enjoyable to watch and not really convenient.

Without MTGS, everything works perfect, but I get a slight framerate drop. I have Phenom X2 550 Black edition processor, 9600 GT, 4 GB of memory, Windows xp. Without MTGS the frames drop to a minimum of ~37 fps, with it, it pretty much stays on 50. Is there any solution for this particular issue?

I have the latest GSDX, tried using ZeroGS and various different options, but haven't had luck so far.

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I guess you're using 0.9.6 release. The latest beta should have that solved
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thank you, fast response and this solved it. managed to get the old saves as well. Nice and steady 50 fps now and I haven't even OC'ed the Phenom, can recommend this processor for this game.

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