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Hello everyone.

Well I found the page that has each new revised build in a list but as far as I can tell it is just for 32-bit? Is there a 64-bit list. Reason is I'm keen to try this new MTVU speed hack since I have a low-clocked quadcore so it may be a nice boost for a few games. I know that builds can be compiled myself but I did try it once and it's just too much for my thick head Tongue. I don't mind waiting for the next beta to come out was just wondering if there are 64-bit build list also?


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There is no 64bit version of PCSX2 for windows(althrough from what I heard it was once tried in distant past). 32bit one will work without issues on 64bit OS through.
Sorry my fault for forgetting to mention I meant the build-bot thing.

A while back Rama posted this on the main page:


[ Posted by rama 20:52 on 03 06 11 ]
Hey people, I thought this was worth mentioning Smile

Orphis was so kind to set up and operate a build bot for PCSX2 SVN snapshots.

The bot takes the latest sources as we commit them and builds working packages for you to download.
These packages are /trunk builds and Win32 only (for now).


So since its been a good while I was just wondering if there is a 64-bit build-bot but its no bother if there isn't.
Just download 32 bit version if you want to try. There is no 64bit build for Windows even if you compile it on your own. That buildbot version is used by many people with 64 bit soo no worries to use it. Most 32 bit applications are still working completely fine on 64 bit Windows and PCSX2 is just one of them.
Nice, thanks for the info.

EDIT: Just tried it, terrific speedup. Thanks guys great job.

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