MTVU, 1888, what are these ?
I have the latest official release but i see no MTVU or 1888 speedhacks there. And people claim that they are really good speed boosts. But I haven't seen them. Where can i DL these speedhacks ?

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1888 was a revision number, all the speed hacks that were in that are in the latest revision. Some people thought revision of r1888 is faster but i dont think so.

If you want MTVU, you will be wanting the latest SVN build from here Smile
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oh cool. I will take a look tonight. thanks
The r1888 beta is pretty fast in some games. That's because it's full of hacks for unimplemented stuff.
I wouldn't want to use it anymore, simply for knowing how much it does wrong.
But if you're desperate for FPS, try it and see.
r1888 certainly can be faster, but "less compatible" to say the least.
I can say for sure with FFX.
I certainly could squeeze more out of it when seeing how a 2.1Ghz AMD single core laptop with an integrated ATI 4200 could fare (suprisingly tolerable at times).

Also, FFX-2 must be faster.
Folks always have a bit lower results when they use new revs for the benchmark by mistake.
Yeah r1888 wasn't emulating some VU stuff of FFX causing the black tidus-necklace-and-other-stuff-bugs which when got emulated properly, reduced the FPS by some margin (as expected)
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