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It's pointless to do a "MTEE". Something needs to be the main thread and right now it *is* the EE already Tongue2

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Wait, wait-- I feel confused now.

Isn't there already other things on the main thread with the EE?
Isn't it just dividing what's already on the main thread? (easier said than done, I know)

Are we talking about moving the other "hardware" from the main EE thread,
to it's own independant thread, too?

Or actually dividing the EE itself, as with MTVU?
(where VU0 is still on the main, but VU1 is on it's own)
(04-01-2012, 09:26 PM)Rezard Wrote: Isn't there already other things on the main thread with the EE?

Yes everything apart from the GS and the VU1 (when in MTVU mode) is on the main thread, however the EE is what everything revolved around, our "Main bit" if you wish so it would be silly moving that and make everything an absolute nightmare.

Also if you moved the EE, you would have to move VU0 also as they interlock with each other quite closely, which is why MTVU doesn't include VU0 in the first place.
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It is the idea of moving the EE component itself from the main thread then, right?
Which is sounding like a bad idea,
because the EE is truely the "main" unit,
not the misc stuff otherwise on the thread.

It's all about timing.
Everything depends on something to sync with,
and that's the EE more often than anything.

Though the VU1 split was a tricky move,
this would be screwing with the most essestial coordination PCSX2 has.

Hope I'm on the ball here. Smile

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