MTVU and AMD Athlon?
I have Amd Athlon II X4 640 Processor @ 3.00ghz, 4GB RAM and Radeon HD 5750 (5% clock Biggrin).

I checked MTVU and tried playing GH5 but I am still at only 50% CPU usage and the game lags like hell when trying to play any songs. Any help? I've tried many different settings but it still just doesn't work. Is it only a problem with the game and I should test with another game or doesn't MTVU support my processor? Or is my computer simply too slow for PCSX2? Blink

Thanks in advance Tongue

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do the EE/GS/VU% numbers in game window say when you get slowdowns?

If it's Guitar Hero 5 as far as I remember it's mostly slow because of graphics card so better try ticking the "Native" option in GSdx, VU cycle stealing hack may help too.
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Even though the FPS there is 50 the sound and all lags very bad. It's annoying to play GH if it doesn't run smoothly Wacko

On Emulation settings I have:

EmotionEngine and IOP: Recompiler, round mode chop/zero and Clamping Mode none.

VUs vu0 and vu1 microVU Recompiler, round mode chop / zero and clamping mode none.

GS: Default, GS Window: Default
Speedhacks enabled with EE Cyclerate 3, Vy cycle stealing 2
Other hacks ticked:

Enable INTC Spin Detection
Enable Wait Loop Detection

MicroVU Hacks:
mVU Flag Hack
mVU Block Hack

Game fixes none. I go try changing GSdx options now, they're like this on the earlier image I sent here:

I go try that Native thing soon, gotta do some other things before that.
Guitar Hero?

Its probably GS limited

With native, not any better. Guess I'll just have to skip Guitar Hero's as I have only xbox/pc guitar controllers Wacko
playing from DVD or iso? dunno if this game uses streaming music or mp3 in ram or something. this could also be avsync and sound related.
The problem is you cranked up the ee cycle rate and vu cycle steal, turn them right down, they give false fps
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Forgot to mention:

While playing a song, it lags, lags lags, works normally for 3 seconds, lags for maybe 20 again, then works for 3 seconds again. Everything, sounds and all are slowed.

Tried withot those cycle 1-3 0-3 things still lagging.

Also I still would like to see 75% cpu usage to know it's actually trying full potential but lag on 50% cpu is annoying xD It may even drop to 38% while laggin it seems o_O

E: When loaded menu, the menu loaded as much when playing a song, but when played a song, the menu worked 100% perfectly. When I tried to play the same song twice without booting the emulator, the song still lagged but atleast song slecting menu was ok now.. hmm.

E2: Changed from direct9 to direct11 or something and took texture filtering off and now it has superbly low lag compared to earlier, but still some. Laugh
is the game PAL or NTSC?

or it's pal then you have fullspeed, you should try zeroSPU2 in realtime mode

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It's NTSC, if I get a PAL version in my hands I'll definetly give a try if it will work better. The working issues could also relate that the ISO could of been made poorly or something? Got it from a friend. :/

Should have my PAL PS2 somewhere, can't read cd's but should get me BIOS...

E: FU! It doesn't power up Angry

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