MTVU hack question
When i use it i notice VU and a percentage after it. Is higher better or lower is better? So far i've tested it in over 12 games and speed gain has been as high as 25fps (gow2). The speed gain seems to be greater when used with the VU cycle stealing hack. When it's higher it seems to have lower speed gain and in some games i don't see any benefits at all

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the higher the VU thread the more effecient the speed boost will be Smile

because the whole idea is to get the load of EE thread's back Wink

if the VU thread is highly active that means it has been taking a large amount of the EE thread Smile
Yeah i take what i said back i've hit 35fps gain on gow2 and the VU sits around 98%-100%. Love this hack man
EDIT: What about computers with 6, 8, or maybe even 12 cores? is there a bigger speedup in them?
the more cores you have doesn't mean the more speed !

but usually the windows spread the load on all cores ( making it useless with turbo core/boost ) which may increase 1-3~ FPS
I don't think you understood my question
PCSX2 currently with the MTVU hack on takes advantage of, at most, 4 threads (EE, GS, VU, and GUI) of which only 3 really require any heavy workload. The devs don't believe there is any more room to spit the workload between multiple cores without causing more slowdowns than gains so that's probably where the emu will stay in that regard.
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