MTVU speed hack not working with Gradius V
This new speedup option is just a great idea, especially for multicore CPUs!

Unfortunately one game is not working with this option turned on: Gradius V. I did not find another game in my collection not working with this but Gradius V simply does not start at all if this is activated.

Can you please please fix this for this game as I would like to turn on MTVU as standard on my machine but I can not because I mostly play Gradius V...

Thank you!

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This is why it is a speed hack, it can break games.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Just activate the hack when you are ingame and that should solve the issue. At least I need to do that with a couple of my games but Those arent playable on my current system so I keep the hack active for those games that are playable play just fine with it.
That's nice idea but as I'm using PCSX2 on a real arcade cab with a frontend I can not enter the emulator menu when I'm ingame.

So either there is a key combination to activate/deactivate this option or a fix of this speed hack to work with Gradius V. This would be very very nice! Smile

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