MX Unleashed Shadow problem
So I have been playing Some MX Unleashed On my PC using PCsx2, and It's Pretty nice, but if i try to turn up the resolution, this happens:[Image: nUeHGa0.jpg?1?3333]
These are the settings I have on:
[Image: YR8tOIt.jpg?1]

Any suggestions or solutions?

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Try pressing F9 during gameplay. This should fix it but it will lower graphic quality and perhaps be slower... What this does is switches the graphics to software from hardware and vice versa.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3
Turn off those hacks... They are called hacks for a reason, they essentially "break" how a game is supposed to run in the hopes of correcting some issue with SPECIFIC games. Turning them all on will break every game that doesn't exhibit that one special flaw.

Those are not the same as SPEED hacks (which actually improve the speed of emulation) they only exist to fix games that don't conform to the standard way PCSX2 works.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Yeah Koji is right. I need to look more closely at things... Anyways do as the man says and that will fix your problem.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3
If You press F4 to unlock ur Benchmark on FPS and then Press F9 then It's like fade2black said already lower grapgics but it's a little bit faster after unlock the Benchmark
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