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MY GOD, Please help me, runtime error
Angry This is stressing me out, I've tried alot of things but I STILL cannot get PCSX2 to work.

I've put a picture of what it looks like when I try to start a game. it's an attachment.

PLEASE help me.

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Reinstall vc++ runtimes.
But your PC won't be able to play most games anyways.
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make sure your dev9 plugin is set to dev9null, i can't tell because you've put half of the console window outside the screenshot.
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Resource error? Another GSdx throw ? Do those Intel Express work well with PCSX2?
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I'm not a God... Goddess maybe Tongue (I wish) but jesalvein is right. Your GPU(or lack thereof) is gonna kill you regardless of your specs.

You might run stuff in software mode, depending on your CPU. What is it?
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