Mac development is going slow - can I help?
I'd like to get some wine builds up for now that follow along the SVN, and start tinkering with the linux version to get it compiled and running on Mac OS.

I suppose I would like to create a pcsx2-wine project for wine builds, and start working on compiling a Mac OS build to contribute to the main project.


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Try to contact Zedron, via pm and email:
Well, i tried. I'm still here. Classes just finished up. I'm looking for something to work on, and the PCSX2 mac port seems like a good cause.

I suppose I could just start working on it myself from the source, but it seems somewhat counter productive if there have already been some efforts put in.
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is he even still alive? ;p
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First, quit all programs, leaving the Finder opened.

Click the Mac HD > Library

Find the "Caches" folder and click it opened.

Click a file and select all and send it to the trash.

Now, click your home folder (with your name & the little house).

Click the "library" folder there and find the "Cache" folder.

Do the same thing. Select all and move to trash.

Now, empty trash.

Now, do a shut down.

Once it's shut down hold the shift key down while hitting the power button to turn the computer back on.

Keep the shift key in until the spinning circle, circles 3 times, then let go of the shift key.

It will take about 5 minutes for the computer to start up from here.

Now, you'll do disk utility.

So, go to your Mac HD > Applications and select Disk Utility.

On the left, you'll see the very top item that says something like... 465.8 GB WDC WD5000. (Yours will be different.)

Just below that, kind of tabbed over you will see "Macintosh HD". Click that.

Then, click Repair Disk Permissions.

This will take about 5-15 minutes perhaps more depending.

Now, you are going to do another Shut Down.

This time, you are going to hit the power button "ON" and quickly & immediatly hold in the following 4 keys: P, R, Command, Option.

Keep these 4 keys held down together until your computer chimes 2 times.

Now, you're done.
thanks, ref Wink yeah, i am alive, but real life got to me as it does to everybody...
Glad to see you're still alive mate! Are you planning on continuing? Be awesome if you can xD If real life needs its priorities now i understand Smile
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I am going to but apple os is so cryptic it takes ages to debug anything, i really thought i needed just one last push for 0.9.7 and it still isn't done... And the gcc stack alignment issues don't help.

Just upgraded to lion, so hopefully will have more luck with this build.
Awesome, glad you're back mate Smile best of luck under lion!
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