Mac vs Boot Camp
I've got a 1st gen intel iMac 2ghz, 4gig ram with an x1600 256meg card in it. Nearly any game I play on my computer is on the windows side via boot camp and I have great success.

I've set up ePCXe and it flies on max settings.

I've set up PCSX2 and windows and have only tested out FFXII. Using basic settings, I get 60+ frames per second during movies, 45-50 consistently running around doing stuff, but the slowdown to 25-30 frames per second during cut scenes is really annoying and pretty much unbearable considering how often they happen. I've messed around with settings and fluctuations are minimal, unless I start putting on the high end or maximum settings.

I prefer to use the pc side for games because of the support and dedication typically is much better than the mac for project software like this. I just installed the Mac version hoping there would be improvement in performance, but haven't used it yet.

Am I going to see any better performance or am I just wasting my time with the Mac version? Also, is what I'm seeing now, pretty much what I'm going to get?

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Well, as a follow up to anyone with a similar question:
After spending an hour screwing around trying to get the software to go (i resorted to installing the Leopard version, over SL), the results between my Mac install and my Boot Camp program were:
Speed - pretty much identical
Graphics - smoother, yet worse quality
Sound - awful

However, I found that things like the speed hacks and some graphics settings seemed to be more responsive with the Mac version. I was able to add about 10-15 fps using the speed hacks, but the sound was so poor and choppy, it ruined any gain from that. Basically, I would take the PC version with the slowdowns.

I guess I will have to dust off my ps2 and play my games that way. I work a LOT and was hoping to enjoy and replay my old games at my leisure, but skip the time consuming "grind" you get with some games (gold chocobo anyone?) by using save editors, etc.
I think ffxii requires more gpu/CPU power than your setup to run smoothly. I think even my 2.4/gt8xx slows down quite often
here is a thread for optimized fps on mac pcsx2

hopefully that can help your sound delay and help with a few other things.
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