Magic Pengel music is a terrible buzzing
When I try to play magic pengel the music as the title suggests is a horrible buzzing sound. My son compared it to an electric razer.

This is my first time using a PS2 emulator and I used the default settings. I have attempted to change the settings but all that does is change the noise a little.

I know that it is a the background music because it goes away when I turn that down in the game settings, but the other sound effects are fine.
I don't think its my computer, because the same thing happened when I tried it on my very very bad laptop. That laptop couldn't even get DBZ Budokai Tenkiachi 3 to load, but loaded Pengel enough to play (terribly) but with the same sound issue.
I believe the sound issue is specific to this game because I can very smoothly play Budokai Tenkiachi 3 without any issues.

I tried searching google as well as these forums first but only found a thread from when SPU2-X 2.0 was released stating that Magic Pengel was among the fixed games. I found no mention of this issue anywhere else.

Is there possibly a different audio plugin I need to be using, or some kind of setting change that might fix this?

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Unfortunately i do not have this game, but maybe i can help anyway. Maybe just your SPU2 plugin settings are set inappropriately and some screenshots of your settings would be good. But first you should try the latest nightly PCSX2 releases you can get from here. When you have done that, please tell if anything has changed. Smile

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