Major Problem (Emulation)
ok first let me post my (laptop) specs then someone could help me ^^


system win7 ULTIMATE 32bit

intel core 2 duo cpu 2.00GHz 2 cores each 2.00GHz


GRAPHIC Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT

And my problems are im currently using few emulators pcsx 0.9.6 wich was used to play kingdom hearst,final fantasy 10 and few other games,but in ffx emulator crashed after goin out from temple(where we can get ixion)and beside game wear lagging when i was movin around map(and battles) not souch painfull but annoying so i tried pcsx 0.9.8 problem not fixed laggy sio such (cant even start game) so the last one im currently using is official or unofficial ver 0.9.9 wich is working almost perfectly but still i see lags in battles etc. Next thing about Kingdom Hearts 2(0.9.6) game is lagging like hell when im moving to huge locations or fighting betwean +4 enemies Sad 2 more problems final fantasy X-2(0.9.6) lagging in battle and movement on huge locations same goes with FF XII(0.9.6) while moving and using skills on the beggining.So far only FF X working quite good on 0.9.9 but still i feel some lag but at least no crush ^^. Last thing is valkyrie profile 2 when i start it screen is shaking and in first town lagggggbut when im goin out from town and head to forest OMG my screen is almost whole red (i can move (in battle is normal(laggy) but cant say anything more cause turned off game after red screen. Oh and 1 more problem with grandia III ofc lag when i wanna see whole map or moving on it. Im using some default plugins so if theres someone who can really help me configure them to be able to pley those games i would be in seven heaven cause i have no idea how to configure them and i dont wanna mess up something please help me ...

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What a mess you have done with your problems. You one time say its the last problem and then another second. "Oh! and 1 more problem".. Tongue2

So your problem is games lags. right?

The reason is straight, your CPU is 2.00Ghz which is low for PCSX2. Better if you have 2.4 or 2.8Ghz. or higher.But Overclocking isn't reccomended for you. So try Speedhacks. Change the power plans to High Performance.
Your lag is probably a direct result of your slow processor (Core 2 Duo @ 2.0Ghz).
Your GPU isn't too bad, but may do better with lower internal resolution (i.e. Native).

Whatever PCSX2 versions you're using, they better have come from these forums, or the Official PCSX2 Site. With 0.9.8 (r4600) being the latest stable build, and 0.9.9 revisions available in SVN downloads (see link on Official Site). Those would come labeled with a revision number (i.e. r4948).

Valkyrie Profile 2 will certainly be slow on your PC, and the graphic glitch is well known (many threads about it).
Grandia 3 is probably gonna be slow, too. Neither of these games are as easy to emulate as FFX.

Post pics of your PCSX2 settings for advice on them. Smile
(plugins, video plugin settings, emulation settings tabs, and anything else you've changed from default.)

2 Cores each 2.00GHz btw and lag in FFX is sometimes only with version 0.9.9 cause in 0.9.8 map is glitched and only thing i see after autosave is my character nothing more. So here are screens no idea why its in polish
and so im only able to play any games on 0.9.9 idk why so please help me Smile
You select the language when you first run PCSX2.
I thought it went by your system's default if you didn't change it yourself...

What do you mean by "autosave"? A savestate?

Maybe you should start fresh with you PCSX2 program.
Download the official release from this site, and be sure to set English at the initial setup wizard.

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