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Major Slowdown
(03-01-2009, 11:36 AM)Elanzer Wrote:
Quote:I use about 4 different anti-vius softwares, so this can't be the case

That can be very much the case if they're all active runtime scanners.

Simple solution is to just check your CPU usage while playing PCSX2, and also because this is a laptop it probably doesn't deal with constant 100% CPU/GPU load temperatures properly (most on the market don't), make sure you're not doing anything dumb like sitting your laptop on a blanket, pillow or anything that could insulate it. If your laptop gets too hot it will throttle itself down to much lower clock speeds.

By using them, i dont mean actively use them (i.e only one is running at any time), i should have made that clearer, sorry... Also, i have even had to lower the the security settings and stop scheduled scans to achieve faster performance.
I've tried using PCSX2 at a large range of temperatures, from stone cold, to Boiling hot, and it makes little to no difference Sad

The only competitors for CPU which i can see are compulsory Windows processes (i.e Rundll32.exe and svchost.exe) and also "AudioDG", which i believe is also a windows process in vista. although i never used to notice it before, and it takes up 0-20%CPU (Over 15% most of the time)... perhaps as i thought before, I've installed a program which makes AudioDG do this...
Although, I must reiterate that my laptop Used to run the emulator at near perfect speeds.

Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it guys! And keep it coming too! I really hope i can achieve the kind of speeds i used to achieve!

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Actually I think it's just the changes made to the emulator that's made it slower. I've used Resident Evil 4 beginning spot for example as a performance benchmark for quite a while to see how the performance have changed and I used to be at 105 FPS on the latest official PCSX2 BETA (not playground) and then the playground build has always been a bit slower but the performance has been going up and down, being 93~95 FPS at best quite a while ago before it got merged into official PCSX2 BETA and currently it's showing only 87 FPS in that same spot. That's around 20% difference from the last commits by zerofrog to the pcsx2 beta. This doesn't concern only Resident Evil 4 but most other games as well.
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That's true, but even so, i've used it on 0.9.4, 0.9.5 and Playground. However, they all share the same Program DLL files, and they're both in the same directory. perhaps i should try a clean Install of 0.9.5 to see if i can get some speed back?

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