Major issue
I have God of war 2 and when i try to run it i can get to the menu and see the menu fine but the graphics in the background are all crazy messed up, i can move up and down and start a new game but theres no point cuz i cant see anything, iv tried zero g plugin and Gsdx9 plugin, same issue with both just different kinds of mess up graphics. I have an intel dual core and an nvidia 8800 640mb. i am also runing windows xp 64 bit, iv tried using the 64 bit version of pcsx but when i try and run the game i see nothing in the window.

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These issues are known and there is no way at the time to fix them.
You should check the compatibility list,the game has status 'Ingame'
Compatibility list
[Image: newsig.jpg]
wasnt sure what "in game" meant but i understand now thank you

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