Make GT4 a real 60 fps game?

I am trying to get Gran Turismo 4 run at a real 60 fps but I feel the game is locked to 30 fps while racing.

Yes I am aware the game run at 60 fps menu wise but while racing is a different beast.

I get steady 60 fps everywhere and low cpu usage (also low usage on EE, GS and VU ,,, less than 30%) but the game feel sluggish overclocking the EE doesn't change anything.

BUT when I force the game to let say 80 fps ,,, menu are speed up but when race is loaded it goes back to the sluggish internal 30 fps like.

So far I've tried 1.6.0 and the latest Nightly AVX2 ... with even very low settings to see if it speed up but no. 

Is there any cheat code that could force the race to be a real internal 60 fps ?
Like the 60 fps cheat code for Gran Turismo 2 which I liked very much and make the game feel great!

Thanks for the support! Smile

PC Specs:

Ryzen 5800X
32GB DDR4 3600mhz
Nvidia 3090 Ti

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What do you mean? The game ran at 60fps already both in gameplay and menu (save for a few frame rate drops during rolling start, at least on real hardware for me).

Can you show the recording that the game runs at 30fps for you?
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