Make disc image, Metal Gear Solid 3 : Sneak Eater
hey guys, new member here Smile

i have bought new dvd disc of MGS3, then i try to make .iso of this game.
using Daemon, but it always failed in the middle(42%) of process.
then i try Alcohol 120%, it has "skip error feature" but it needs very very long time to complete process.

my question is: how to make it faster? what software should i use?

thanks in advance

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most people here use imgburn
Skipping error is not a good thing to rely on.
(11-21-2012, 10:26 AM)Saiki Wrote: most people here use imgburn

i've tried using Imgburn but still failed...maybe you can tell me about the setting?

(11-21-2012, 10:29 AM)Livy Wrote: Skipping error is not a good thing to rely on.

what do you mean? because not every disc can be read perfectly. thats normal, i think
Does that disc have any scratches or huge finger prints on the bottom of it? It shouldn't be failing...
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I just made an image of that game myself literally on Sunday but I use plain old DVD Decryptor and have had no problems at all (except for Katamari Damacy which has a 99% issue that I see others have experienced as well). For CD based games I have been using ImgBurn and again no problems with that one you might want to give those a try.
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I think TC has a defective disc. Their should be no way it would keep failing. Does play fine on a PS2? Or better yet. Can it play fine through your CD ROM drive? Through the emulator itself.
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i think the dvd itself is damaged so it keeps failing. try cleaning the disc. put some disinfectant alcohol on a tissue and properly clean the back side of the dvd. after that try making iso with imgburn. if it still fails then try to make the rip on another computer. it may work on other dvd drives. if no hope and it fails everywhere then go back to the shop that u got the game from and try to exchange the dvd and get a different dvd for the game

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