Makining iso/Bins
I Have made Bins of my Ps2 games using Magic Iso , Like i have done with my Ps1 games on EpsxE but psx2 will not read the Bins made from Magic iso, Is there certain way or program I must use to make bins psx2 will read cause in my experience iso/bins of the game run better then running from the disc and less annoying too, And yes i own these disc

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Linuzappz ISO support the CUE/BIN format.
(09-10-2009, 07:32 PM)vsub Wrote: Linuzappz ISO support the CUE/BIN format.

linuz iso plugin?? if so iso/bin didnt get picked up said no disc or put on in am i doing somthing wrong??
I doubt that Magic ISO wont be able to save as ISO.Just create the image again but this time save it as ISO not CUE/BIN
ok I thanks that seem to of works
i think that imgburn is the better program... just my opinion though
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Recreate those ps2 images using :
Alcohol 52% Free edition (select playstation 2 profile)
DVD Decrypter (frowned upon by other users here due to copyright issues)
I prefer DVD Decrypter. ^^.
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