Mana Khemia 2 sprite flickering
Now before you say anything, I did use the search function. Every thread I looked at didn't have a solution. I do realize it's an old issue but I'm hoping since it's been a few years there might finally be a way to stop these sprites from flickering.

I have tried virtually every setting change I can think of. I run no speedhacks except INTC and Wait Loop detection.

And none of the GS options have made any change. Turning on hacks, off hacks, switching to software. Still flickering.

For the record I am on the latest GIT and am using the OpenGL Renderer on a GTX 1080.

I have uploaded a .GS file in case someone on the dev side wants to take a swing at it. It's at a point that can be repro'd 100% of the time in game so hopefully it'll work out.

It is a Mega link Mana Khemia 2 Sprite Flickering but if I need to mirror it elsewhere please let me know.
[Image: c9hit5-2.png]

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I notest that when I was home 3 months ago but I didn't report it
The problem existed before,then at some time it was fixed and it looks like it's here again

Sadly I can't try finding when was the last time it was working... I may be wrong but I think some of the other NIS/Gust games was also affected by this
Well with any luck this will get fixed at some point. I'll just continue playing it on my original hardware then.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that resolution doesn't matter either. Flickering occurs on Native res as well in hardware mode. I think software defaults to native iirc but either way it's worth pointing out.
[Image: c9hit5-2.png]

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