Mana Khemia game freeze issue
I know this is probably an infamous bug since I have seen threads about it on much earlier versions of pcsx2 and such and I have tried just about all of the solutions besides completly switching to a different unsupported version of pcsx2. I currently have the 0.9.7 beta (r3878) but no matter what game fix or other troubleshooting thing pcsx2 has hat I try it will still always freeze when I try to go off campus from the world menu.

All my setups for pcsx2 on are the default setting which have worked fine for most of the games I have except for this one which freezes. I also have Mana Khemia 2 and I can go to the off campus menu perfectly fine from there.

So yeah, please help me! if I need to do a patch or something or perhaps download a different version of pcsx2 0.9.7 because I have already tried ALL of the game fixes as well as some of the speed fixes to see if they would help but the game still freezes when I try to get off campus.

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Get 0.9.8 (which you should have by now!) and make sure automatic gamefixes are enabled. If that doesnt work, tick the "Ignore DMAC Writes When Busy" gamefix
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Yeah thanks I just noticed 0.9.8 came out! I am glad that it has finally been released and really hope that it works so thank you!
By the way, sorry to double post, but you wouldn't happen to know of a way to transfer my memory card info from my earlier pcsx version to .0.9.8 would you? if not that's fine but it'd be a shame if I had to lose all my progress in my games.
Just move the memory card files to the new folder or set PCSX2 0.9.8 to use the old folder from the "Config > memory cards" dialgo (make backups of the memcard files just in case Tongue2)
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