Marvel Nemesis Iso stucks
First of all I'd like to sorry about what happened in my previous thread.

Now I want to ask for your help with my problem:
When I load Marvel Nemesis at pcsx2 after hitting the "story" button it seems that it's loading but after a while before mission is loaded, it stucks and I have to close pcsx2.I downloaded the game 2 times through different download links and they have different size(the one is 4gb and the other almost 2gb assuming they are 2 completely different isos) so the option left is that the problem is on pcsx2.If you faced problems of this type before I'd be glad if you could support me!Thanks.

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you don't get it... do you?

you have to buy and have the game on a physical disc and rip an ISO of it. downloading games is piracy.

ohh and... just for you NOT to ask anymore... downloaded isos sometimes do have errors in it or are incomplete or complete fake. one more thing to consider having a original. now stop asking. you won't get support.
anyway the game is menu whether he bought an original disk or not it won't work Sad

are you kidding me? this got nothing todo with you. this are basic replies anybody could do and it's about that you downloaded games. it's not tolerated here. end of talk.

ohh and see. abdo got ya some help. Wink
hey don't drag me into this Angry
Yeah Demy seems to be a bit retarded....
closed & warned again.
please don't open anymore thread about this.
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