Marvel VS Capcom 2
Hello everyone!

I have some problem with Marvel vs Capcom 2 Ntsc, I have the latest version (, I have USA bios, but when i launch the game :


Config :

[Image: sanstitredo0.jpg]

And my computer :

Intel quad core Q6600 2.40ghz
2go ram
nvidia 8800 gt

I have try with all my bios, every plugin avalaible and the game won't work Sad

Please anybody can help me :s ?
thx in advance

ps: sry for my english

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Try GSdx 0.1.12 graphic plugin.

Read instructions carefully, otherwise you won't get full perfomance.
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[Image: 463094.png]
Sorry miss to tell you : I have windows xp ^^

So I have try GSDx9v11-4 and same problem Sad
(12-18-2008, 09:24 PM)skyly Wrote: Sorry miss to tell you : I have windows xp ^^

So I have try GSDx9v11-4 and same problem Sad

What that is supposed to mean? You have SSE3 supported CPU and DX9 right? 0.1.12 has both versions just to tell you. Just select in configuration DirectX 9 (Hardware) and check configuration guide in this forum.
[Image: FireFlower.jpg]
[Image: 463094.png]
Thanks a lot, I have configure my ssse3, but always the same error : "patch not found and black screen"

Really I don't know why the game won't start cause the game is playable in the list and some ppl can play to marvel 2 (see in youtube) Sad
Strange,it should work fine...have you tried using ZeroSPU2 for sound and the latest GSdx from our site? (
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Same problem here.
Really need help.

The window says that patch cannot be found. I don't know what this means. =/

AMD Athlon X2 4200+
1.5 gb ram
GeForce 6800 GT
Windows Vista
Here is the solution for you guys since i had the same problem with both pg and official release of pcsx2.

Just change the dvd plugin you are using ... i managed to play the game with gigahertz's cdvd plugin!
Hope i helped!
c2d centrino 2 [email protected]
3gb Ram
Nvidia 9600M GT
Windows Vista Home

AMD X2 4800+ @3.1Ghz (o/c)
Ram 3.5gb DDR2 667 @750mhz (o/c)
Nvidia 8800GT
Windows XP Sp3 Professional

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