Massive Action Replay/gameshark database
Well, as we know there are ways to convert the action replay and gameshark codes into raw format and then to pcsx2 code (if you don't know look up Maxconvert v.71 and PCSX2CE).

Well as it turns out I am getting fed up with looking codes (since most sites don't specify sometimes region/same codes over and over) when I know I have a real armax DVD with working codes for pretty much every game I own/use.

Today it occured to me that maybe i can extract the codes from the dvd, however upon looking the code data I found something like this:

"PS2_CODELISTd +ø1 à@L u YÆ 2 . h a c k P a r t 4 : Q u a r a n t i n e ú U5 ( M )   Ê¿à=Xw±älº8`·ÞV5 I n f i n i t e F o o d s W5 G o l d e n E g g s  µÍÚ 7k&³L‰…ñŸ]òZX5 G r"

and it goes on for the length of the codes. Clearly the data is encrypted or I need a decent program to open it up and view the readable text data.

So the question goes, do you know of a site with one massive file that includes all the codes for every game out there? Note, the file wouldn't actually be massive, maybe 3-7 Megs. These databases exist for GBA, PSP (PSX), etc, but I haven't seen one for PS2.

Let me know if you know of a way around this.

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