Massive improvment
OH hey guys, Just thought I would register to tell you...

The playground version made my performance increase so much.

on 9.0.4 I played Resident Evil Code veronica:x and got about 50fps, but it dropped quite alot in areas mith many zombies and went to unwatable in the CGI scenes, so i thought i would give the playground version a try, and after about half an hour of tweaking and messing around, I am now running at a constant 60fps, droppping to about 55 in zombified/foggy areas, and the CGI scenes run smooth as a broom at 60fps constant, and thats not even on DX10! (but thats only because I couldnt get it to work...)

My specs are:
AMD Phenom 9950
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT
4GB 667mhz DDR2

So a big thanks to the guys that done this and thumbs up, keep up the good work Wink

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