Maximo - Army of Zin tests + configuration

Don't know where to post this or how to do test entries on the wiki, but i've tried the game (no playthrough, just ripping my dvds and setting them up right now) and with the default settings there's a "shadow bug", mentioned in the wiki. Maybe anyone can update the wiki page?

Using the openGL Plugin and setting "Hardware Depth" fixes this bug and the game looks perfectly fine.
openGL is really slow on my machine with Blending Accuracy set to Medium or above, but the game seems to run fine with Basic settings. (100% speed) and on 4 x Native without any speedhacks.

I've also tested the intro + the first few scenes with Speedhacks enabled (EE Cycle Rate + VU set to 0, MTVU enabled) with no  negative effect on the game.  So far the game seems to be 100% OK !

I've also tested DirectX but it has a few graphical glitches and there's no "Hardware Depth" to fix the shadows, so i didn't pay much attention to this.

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(12-04-2015, 09:04 PM)Mooglux Wrote: Maybe anyone can update the wiki page?

Yes, anyone can edit the wiki, so you can do that if you wish.

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