Maximo vs Army of Zen

I have searched the forums for a answer to my problems but there wasn't anyone related to my issue.

Now the issue:

Main menu

and in the game itself:

So, in the menu you can't see the image, only the background and in game you only play with half maximo with no top of the head. Also, the monsters are only pairs of glowing eyes with no body at all.

So, anyone has an idea?

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Not a valid but report, moving.

Please download the latest SVN and try that, you can get it here:
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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my system is 64 bits and this fixes are all 32 bits.
(03-08-2013, 09:22 PM)Massivewar4 Wrote: my system is 64 bits and this fixes are all 32 bits.

Just do what refraction said.
32 bits builds are compatible with 64 bits OS.
Just to be sure : is the pcsx2 you're using a 32 or 64 build ?
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I don't know xD I just download the one which is on the downloads section...
It is now working, thanks for the help! =)

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