Maximum Fps In tekken 5
Alright after a few months of tweaking i found the best way to get the most fps at 1 point.
Defaults exept claming set to none
Super vu-Micro vu chop zero clamping-none
Enable all the speedhacks exept fast CD and EE Cycle / VU stealing (Note get the latest SVN for the MTVU it adds alot).
Gamefixes-Fpu compare hack (It makes the penguins dissapear in polar paradise adding alot of fps).
DX 10/11-SSE4 prefered (if ur cpu supports it)
No interlacing
Ps2 filtering
Async mix
2- Ingame requirments:
U have to have Mokujin unlocked (Mokujin ads LOADS and i mean LOADS of fps)
Go to Practice select mokujin vs mokujin and select Polar Paradise as your stage to fight in. Enjoy

I get 65 Fps with this config (with the MTVU) with my I5 430m.
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.

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Soo it took you a few months to find recommnded settings for low end cpu's? Congrats:3. Using search option in forum fails again. I bet even reading the guide wouldn't take more than 30 minutes to get all that... >.>

Excuse me but I don't really get a point of this thread. Is that stage soo heavy or soo light and 65fps is max ever you got? Umm... grats? :3
erm i got the config in 1 day rly its just that i had to find the "FIX" which removes the penguins and btw you can play with even a lamer cpu than mine just set the mode to 60Hz pal and set it to 2x cycle and 100fps max it will we quite smooth (better than pal) and play at full speed Tongue.
Tekken isnt that demanding to run with speedhacks a C2D at 2Ghz should be enough.
EDIT: 1 thing thou rly why does mokujin add that much fps? i mean he still has a texture, the moves (aperantly ALL OF THEM) is the lack of different texture variations that much to add 5-10 Fps to the game?
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
I'm using PCSX2 r5765 & PAL Tekken 5, when I use directx 11 hardware, fps is full on some maps, like the hanging car map, lavender field and others're 40 the least- 50 fps. But when I switch to opengl hardware in the video config, my fps is full, 50 fps on all maps. So maybe you can try opengl hardware?

But when I try tekken 4 NTSC, the fps is still higher than directx 11 hardware, but doesn't max at 60 fps at all maps, only some maps max, others like the shopping mall street goes ~35- 60.

Btw, my pc specifications
Intel Core 2 quad q8400 2.66GHz
EVGA GTX 560 Superclock 1GB
This is a very old thread and pcsx2 as changed significantly since then. Please make your own thread.
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