Maxing out graphics
Currently playng Castelvania Curse of Darkness

I made some improvement by setting Resolution 8x ecc.. but i want to know if there is more i can do to squeeze more the emulator.

Current config:

i5 9600k 4.5ghz
RTX 2060super
16gb of ram
144hz monitor full hd

P.S Good job on the emulator, work like a charm

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You can still increase the resolution beyond 8X. Go to Config ---> Video (GS) ---> Plugin Settings. Under "Hardware Renderer Settings", below 8X Resolution should be "Custom (Not Recommended)", you can increase the resolution up to 8192x8192, however this is extremely demanding, and not all games will work at this resolution. I suggest setting the resolution to 8K (7680 × 4320) on Custom, and see if your rig can run it. I'm assuming you're using the 1.5.0 dev build, if you are using the 1.4.0 stable, the max resolution I believe is 4096×4096. Good luck!
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Using custom res is definitely a bad idea
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