Medal Of Honor Frontlines
im having problems with graphical settings, the screen flickers and the resolution is very low
using 0.9.6 the game starts ok, but once ingame the fps is only 17

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pc specs, plugins settings, screenshots ?
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turn off ALL speedhacks it shall clean-up much flicker effects
in addition you PC is highly-possible very weak for pcsx2 thats why you got 17fps.
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Hmm.. Was this one that only runs right in Software mode?

Either way, post that info.
k i should have been more precise. after fiddling with the settings a little bit i got the fps up to 40, but it still kinda lags and stutters which is weird.
i seem to get more fps on 0.9.6 for some reason, i will test the settings u recommended and see how that works

im running on xp, q6600, 2gb ram and gtx470

also, on 0.9.7 the ingame resolution is MUCH lower than it is on 0.9.6
main menu looks like its made from blocks lol, the edges should be smooth

k, enabling x2 cycle rate raises the fps from 17 to 27.
enabling INTC sync hack raises the fps from 27 to 47
enabling status flag hack raised the fps to 52 and now the game seems to run smoothly

this is all on 0.9.6
Yeah, Speedhacks help...

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