Medal of Honor pacific assault
Tested the game, at first runs at ok speed, but the graphics are all messed up, characters look like test dummies, also, video did not appear(sorry, no screenshots as of now)
I am using all recommended hacks.
Any thoughts on this?

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tried gsdx software mode ?
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Yes, thank you, its looks good now, although the speed seems to have lowered....
Btw, I made a mistake its european assault, not pacific.
I am using direct 3d 11
Try ZeroGS or ZZogl, maybe you'll get better luck with them. For better speed with software mode in GSdx try frameskip (shift+f4 while playing).
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Thanks for your help. I will have to stick with gsdx, since zerogs causes garbage graphics with all the speedhacks I have on.
As expected, it gets slower the more gunfire, explosions or ai that is ingame. Videos do not appear.
It seems to be faster now, If you want I can try to make a video.

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