Mega Man Anniversary Collection: Issues and Solutions
Hey, all. I was having some trouble with Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and I figured I'd share my solutions while asking others what their best setups are.

1) Stretched Image - Forcing the 4:3 Aspect Ratio seems to solve this problem best. However, please note that there doesn't seem to be a solution to Atomic Planet's screen cropping.

2) Random Crashes - Doing a CDVD Boot (full) seems to prevent this from happening. (And, hey, it's only an extra 12 seconds; Well worth it.)

So, those are my solutions. If anyone has some extra stuff to add, I'd love to know how to make this compilation run at its best!
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Thanks. Could you put it in the wiki since that is the whole point of it:
It would be great if, you could also mention this in the Public compatibility list.
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