MegaDev9.dll troubles....
So, I downloaded MegaDev9.dll, which is a pluggin for emulating the PS2 HDD, and Im having troubles....
Ive done EVERYTHING the guide says and more. Ive got the ROM1, the ROM2, the EROM, and an SCPH-39001.BIN bios file.
I read that it has to be a 3XXXX series bio to work. I set it all up the way it says. Now, no matter what size I pick to make the HDD, it ALWAYS makes an 8 gig one, and in the root directory, no matter what I choose in the pluggin settings. Also, after that, none of the games or even the system recognize the HDD. I have an actual HDD, and I know its supposed to show up in the same place as the memory cards. What am I doing wrong?

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That plugin is beta and, from what i know, it is not supported.

Why the hell would you need HDD emulation anyway?
Why do you need to emulate HDD?
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i don't understand what does that mean are you trying to run an pcsx2 in a actual PS2???
or it's almost similar to PS2 Matrix mod chip.
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PCSX2 on Actual PS2. lol. Biggrin Tongue2 I don't think anyone will do that kind of thing. Tongue2
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