Megaman X Collection (help)
Hi all,

I wonder if I should put this here. If I did wrong, my apologize.
Anyways I'm totally newbie with the program stuffs. I've downloaded this pscx2 program all together with the stuffs I need I guess. After this I've downloaded the game Megaman X Collection and I looked up at pscx2 site it says this game is playable. So I tried to start this game (don't know the way to start the game but somehow I started it). In game it asked me do you want to play without a game save. I've pressed x the yes button. After that it loads the capcom logo and eventually you see megaman/zero. After that it gives black screen and it isn't doing anything.

So I wonder if I should change my configuration at psxc2 and if so how?
Or something else I don't know?

Please help me and thanks Smile!

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1: don't be a pirate?
2: your graphics driver probably crashed
3: that game is VERY slow loading. (I borrowed it from a friend once, so trust me, I know)
Closed. And warned

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