Megaman X7 (sword bug)
I've searched other bug in these forums but it seems that most are screen bugs. But i made this game work fine in the first level. In the second part where i control some dude with a sword and attack with him a message saying that the video drivers seem to have crashed and then restored pops up. During that time that the screen goes black and comes back, but afterwards the window with the game stays black(although the sound does not go away). I know this has to do with my computer's compatability issues, but any ideas where i could start trouble shooting?? Its really confusing.

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Did it happen more that once at same point doing the same thing?

Sounds more like a generic driver crashing issue which could happen anytime... if anything try playing with software mode in GSdx and see if it happens again but so far I doubt it's PCSX2 related.

Also please edit your post following the indications in this thread:
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Oh never mind, i fixed it all i had to do was to retreat to direct x9 grahics. thx for the support anyways though. no need to fix it anymore.

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