Memcard issue
Hi guys,

So I tried to use the pcsx2 0.9.4 for the first time. I followed the guide and I though I got everything set up correctly. So I load the .iso file, I get to choose the language and I get a message saying I need to format the memcard since it is unformated. So I hit yes, everything goes through and bam, I get and error saying "cannot write", and the emulator closes. I am trying to run OnimushaLaughoD. Plugins I am using:

GSdx9 (SSE2), P.E.Op.S CDVD

My specs are following:
AMD 64 X2 6400+
Nvidia EN8800GTS

If you need any more information, please let me know. Any suggestions to this issue I have here? I can't seem to figure it out by myself. Thanks

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The solution is: don't use this obsolete version.


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