Memory Card?
First off, i'd like to say what great work has been put into making this. Every since i got my 360 and Wii, the ps2 has been neglected. But, i've got a small problem, but its just probably me being stupid or something...Blush I wanted to play Alien vs Predator: extinction, so i did put the disk in, booted it, everything going fine, went to create a new profile, and it didnt work. It just said "An Error occured whilst creating new profile" i presume this is a memory card problem, but i'm new to this so i don't know. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Try formatting the memcard from BIOS first (use CDVDnull as cdvd plugin then switch back after).
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Can you put that simply please, i've had this for 20mins.
in the plugins section, select NULL plugin as CD/DVD plugin, then run->execute.
this will lead you to your PS2 bios
from there, format your memory cards.
then, close pcsx2, change the DVD plugin to its old value, and try to launch your game again.
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Once again, still not following. Where is the plugins section, whats a null plugin?
Here is an easyer way! (i think)

download the file i attached and unzip it! there is memory card 1 and 2 which are already formatted! i dont take credit for the file!

place them in the memcards folder:
im using windows XP.

PCSX2 0.9.7 location:
C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\pcsx2

PCSX2 0.9.6 location:
C:\Program Files\Pcsx2

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, problem solved

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