Memory Card Corruption
Every time I try to save in a game, it tells me that my memory card is corrupted. It doesn't matter how many times I create a new one and format it, it's always corrupt. Really makes it hard to play any game.

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Did you format it from the bios? what games causes this and what pcsx2 version/beta you have?
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PCSX2 r1888 and I format from the bios. If I take somebody else's memcard, it works, but if I try to create a new it's corrupted.

Out of the games I've tried, Fight Night Round 3, Fire Pro Returns, .HACK Part 1, and Grandia 3 all cause the corruption error.
Huh that's the first time I see an issue like this. Try doing something like this:
Delete both mcd001/002 files from the memcard folder.
Boot in BIOS with CDVDnull,go to browser and format both memcards there.
Try saving again
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