Memory Card Dump
Hi there!

Since the board search did not return a result, I ask here:

Is there a way to dump my PS2 Memory Cards for using with pcsx2? I've got a slim ps2 with mcboot .



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Just realised that I can copy files with uLaunchElf to USB Stick. Thanks anyway Wink
Mh okay, still a problem. I copied all the files from the MC, but now I see that mymc can only import .psu, .max and other files...

So how do I copy the FS to the PCSX2 Memory Card?
uLaunchELF can copy save files as *.psu from PS2 memory cards, use "Paste PSU" command instead of just "Paste".
If you have copied save files from your PS2 memory cards as folders, you can use PS2 Save Builder utility to pack them into *.psu, *.max, etc...
Thank you very much!

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