Memory Card Image
I am trying to use mymc to put a save game file I downloaded onto a memory card so I can load it, as I lost my dark cloud save somehow and its not showing in my folders. It keeps giving me an error about the memory card image.  

I was curious if anyone would be willing to help me with a blank card and putting this save on it for me so I can load it. Ive tried the other methods and just haven't been successful.

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Wrong subforum but ok,post that save and I will place it in a memory card
It depends completely on what type of save file you downloaded, but if it is AR Max, then I recently put together a tool that can merge it into a PCSX2 folder memory card:

You would have to create the folder memory card in the PCSX2 memory cards menu and format it in a game, but after that you should be able to merge the save in.
Umm mymc support importing all of the formats from gamefaq and for PS3 saves there is also ways to use them.

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