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Memory Card Limitation Annoyance
does the same problem occur with 16/ 32 mb cards?

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What I think is the best way to use memory cards is simply creating subfolders under the \memcards named like the games you own.

Now, just create one or two 8mb "memcards" there and format them in the BIOS. When going to play the game xyz just select the memcards under xyz directory...

The obvious advantage is all the saves are for that game only... the less obvious advantage is a few games may not recognize those bigger cards, I must say I don't know actual cases where this can occur, it is only something I read somewhere from sources I rely. Anyway the proposed procedure of many cards is far more organized.

PS: I saw just now Shadow Lady actually confirmed the point about bigger memcards.
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(04-08-2011, 05:37 AM)nicknameeazye Wrote: does the same problem occur with 16/ 32 mb cards?

Nope, I'm not sure if they'll work 100% fine, but as far as I've seen is at least 99% for 32MB cards (if you don't count games that show them as being 8MB only which is not correct but they work nonetheless) and ~85% for 64MB cards Tongue2
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any of the first games released on the PS2 potentially have an issue.

However the only game i have Sega Superstars Tennis (well, its a blockdump, so im missing pretty much everything past the menu Tongue) refuses to boot with anything greater than an 8mb card.

I think i recall GT4 or something not being so happy about it either, might be Guitar Hero
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Only problem I got with a guitar hero was because of card swapping in middle of a song (which happens when you change plugins too and is annoying for testing ><), size didn't matter tho, did the same with a 8mb card and it corrupted the save Tongue2.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I have a quick question, is the compatibility issue on the emulator side or the ps2 side?
If my game worked fine with a 64mb card on the actual ps2 will it work on pcsx2? (given ofcource the game is compatible)
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PS2 side, if it does not work with that game with that memory, so will not PCSX2 too...

But... why not make things clear and ease? ...\memcards\FF10 with the Mcd001.ps2 created there will grant it will not interfere with the Mcd001.ps2 created under \memcards\Shadow hearts ... well, at least if you don't forget to remember selecting the correct memcard before starting the game... Smile

Unless one prefers a salad of games messed all across a memcard.
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Ease of use. 1 32MB memory card is easier to manage than 4 8MB. No need to switch, etc.
OK them, it is like you prefer it so it is good to you then. In the end it is just I like to have things self contained, with the less possible messing, or may be is just I tremble before the idea of scrolling all that mess hopping to remember where is that save I did for that game sometime ago.

Actually I'm so into this kind of thing than I like to keep chapter saves on the second memcard and use the first one as intermediate saves, just to grant I'll not erase something I should not... which sadly I'm very prone to do and to regret soon enough.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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