Memory Card (myMC)
I need help related to myMC software or just transferring saves in general.

I would like to download a PS2 save and load it up in the emulator.  I understand that in order for me to successfully do this, I need to use software such as myMC to import the save I got (MAX file) and import it.  However, upon running the mymc-gui.exe, I receive the error that I'm missing msvcr71.dll.  Is it just the matter of downloading the specific dll?  And if so, where do I drop the file?

I understand that this may not be the appropriate place to ask this, but I'm not sure where else to inquire.  I have also visited ( for reference but I haven't gotten far.

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Edit: Based from here (, it is just a matter of downloading the specific dll. However, I instead get an error -
Usage: C:\Users\DE\Downloads\mymc-alpha-2.6\mymc-gui.exe [-ih] memcard.ps2 command [...]
C:\Users\DE\Downloads\mymc-alpha-2.6\mymc-gui.exe: error: Incorrect number of arguments.

Edit on the Edit: nvm. Solved it. Needed to download the msvcp71.dll as well. Close thread please. Thank you!

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