Memory Card not found
Well i want to play Suikoden v and save the game, but i cant save because he cant find the memory card.

I have played FFX with save games and i am aware that i can use the alternative save option but for those that know Suikoden V also know that you can play the game again after clearing it with your items etc.

My Question is: What can i do to make that memory card work?(if you need further information i will write them)

until now i using new memory cards and turned the "auto-eject" off but those didnt work. (should i try editing other optins in the emulator?)

i am using PSX2 v

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Not a bug report, moved.

Try formatting your memory card first in the BIOS (select "No disc" under the CDVD menu and then "System > CDVD Boot (full)").
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thanks for the fast answer gonna hit myself for this crap... sorry

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