Memory Card problem
So,just when i think ive cracked it i cannot save my game!

In my emulator folder under memorycard,the letters are in bright blue?!?!?

Any help please as i cannot save my games Sad

Also,is there an idiot guide for simpletons like me to check they have set the emulator up correct?
And i mean one that is in say 3 steps? lol


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Sorry,forgot to say im running EmuCR-Pcsx2-r2680
There's no support for custom builds, get the 0.9.6 or the public beta 1888.
This is the thing,it did the same on the 0.9.6!

So i have fiddled about for hours now looking for stuff and i may have downloaded that one by mistake! lol

Any idea for the 0.9.6 one then? It's still light/bright blue???

Blue color means the folder is NTFS compressed to save space and it's normal. Have you formatted your memory cards? Is PCSX2 in a folder like my documents where you have rights to write to? Are you running pcsx2.exe as administrator?
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Eh? lol

1. How do i format my memory cards?
2. PCSX2 is installed in program files,i have a shortcut on my desk top
3. How do i run as Admin?
4. I am a complete novice with things like this,it took me about a month to configure and set up my PS1 emulator!!!!

also,how do i find my specs? Its all mumbo-jumbo to me im afraid Sad
Better start reading. And no all that can't be said in 3 steps or so. All the stuff I mentioned can be found and understood with some simple google searches.
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