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Memory Card problem?
(08-11-2012, 06:11 AM)miseru99 Wrote: Not really;P. You could try using some speedhacks to decrease cpu usage of EE thread and give more to software rendering, but dunno.

Anyway thanks for reminding me of this game:]. I once made a Widescreen hack for it, but it was imperfect, now I tried again while being much more experienced over doing such things and made a much better one:3. Gonna update the one I posted in WS thread with the new patch:].

Edit: Click if you want to play this game in widescreen. Tongue Just throw that file into cheats directory and activate cheats in pcsx2 for widescreen patch, if your BBB2 crc is different you might need to change the filename through.

Btw, whats a good number of strings to have? because when I put 3 strings on it runs at 80 fps Tongue

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I'm gonna assume you mean threads, through it doesn't have anything to do with "strings". xD
The best result from additional threads for software depends on to many things to just give any universal setting, but you shouldn't really set it too high, after some point it'll be a slowdown instead of speedup. The result can also differ on the game actual needs, soo just set it to have full speed in the slowest part and be happyTongue.
well since it's HT cores if the game isn't EE demanding at all ( CPU demanding ) make stay at 3 ( which is PCSX2 wide known to be the best value )

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